It All Started When My Life Seemed Over.

Spirit Driven Recovery Community


Who is RecoveryChick? It's me (and a lot of women like me). 

My name is Cynthia, and I’m a down-to-earth, ex-dope addict and church girl, living on the Island of Galveston, TX.  I’m passionate about helping people have intimate, and life rocking encounters with God. 

I love Jesus,  His Word, and Recovery.

My adventurous journey through 18 years of recovery has deepened my faith, teaching, and connection with others on their recovery journey.  God has been the one constant in my restoration. I rely on Him daily.  When I give Him my pain, He creates purpose. 

People say I am honest, bold and a poster child for Spiritual based recovery and hearing what I have overcome, brings them hope.  I speak and teach at churches, recovery meetings, conferences, retreats, women’s events, treatment centers, homeless shelters, prisons, jails, and even strip clubs.

I live tiny, in about 400 square feet with my fun-loving fishing captain and husband, Anthony.

Oh yeah, I’m also a Certified Personal Trainer, and I'm crazy about good, clean food.  You will find me in the gym lifting heavy stuff or in Whole Foods enjoying a cold-pressed juice.  

We should meet up sometime, and talk about life, recovery, and Jesus!


Cynthia Corder