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Judy’s House provides a safe place for women to recover, grow in their faith, and reach their full potential in Christ.

Our house is located at 2509 Ave. K in Galveston, Texas. We occupy 2 units of the fourplex for Christ-Centered discipleship to women who are willing and able to work a faith-based program.

We opened our doors in December 2018 and in our first six months of ministry we have housed 11 women.

Read TT’s story:

TT is a 34 year old mom of six children who has over six months clean for the first time since she began putting that poison in her body at a young age. In her active addiction she lost custody of her children to Child Protective Services. She was devastated; it was her personal bottom, and the only way was up! She successfully completed inpatient drug treatment and sought out Judy’s House to continue in her recovery and her walk with Jesus! She has lived at Judy’s for nearly seven months and because of generous donors she was able to benefit from a scholarship until she could secure full time employment. She has worked hard, committed her life to a Christ-Centered recovery and is thriving. She has quit smoking, is a supervisor on her job, got a savings account, is working on her drivers license and most recently got to see her children for an unsupervised visit! Soon she will be reunited with her children in the weeks to come and honestly this is just the beginning of this family’s story!

In Genesis 50:20 Joseph said, what the enemy meant for destruction, God used for good.

How Does it Work?

The women live in a single residence as a family and are learning to live life, on life's terms. We have a team of community mentors volunteering their talents and time to teach life skills, work ethic, Biblical principals on identity, prayer, faith, purpose and more!

The women of Judy's House Galveston are learning the importance of being a productive member of our community and how to add value to our beloved Galveston!

Why Are We Having So Much Success?

We stand on the Word of God. Period.

The women are daily learning scriptures, and renewing their minds in the Word. Whatever our minds tell our hands to do, they do. Wherever our minds tell our feet to go; they go. If we get our mind right, the body follows. We treat addictions as a spiritual problem with spiritual answer and the answer has a name, JESUS! If they have Jesus leading their life they can overcome temptations leading to relapse. They stick and stay. They allow the process to transform them into who God has called them to be! They are gaining confidence in recovery and faith, working out and working jobs, all have opened bank accounts, all have quit smoking completely, and all are learning the value of being a productive member of society!

for I watch over My word to perform it. Jeremiah 1:12

We see it every day. It’s absolutely exhilarating to witness.

Those around us can feel the excitement!

GS has been in the home since last December. After 42 years of active addiction she was hopeless and ready to die. She got herself into a short term treatment facility and upon graduation instead of going back to the old people and places she came to Judy's House. After learning to trust again and diving deep into the Word of God through our discipleship classes she has a newfound confidence in Christ. She is a valued employee, volunteer, and friend to many! She will continue to thrive in Judy's House and help others coming up behind her.

We daily receive calls from treatment centers, the family of loved ones, probation offers, and counselors asking about availability in our home. There is such a need for Christ-Centered sober living in Galveston County, and we are here to answer the call!

DK was our first resident and first graduate. She now has a full time job, her own home, her family back and a support system that isn't going anywhere. This might not seem like such a feat until you learn she couldn't work a job in the last 5 years, lived in active addiction for 28 years and was arrested 12 times in three years. Who the Son set's free is free indeed!!

PP has been an active user for 45 years and has recently celebrated 5 months clean. In this short time she quit smoking (40 year smoker!) got her drivers license back, a car, and restored relationships with family and friends. God is so good!!

TC is a professional woman who realized alcohol had quickly become a problem. Instead of deteriorating in alcoholism she put herself through treatment and found Judy's House as her next step in sober living. She is grasping hold of Christ-Centered Recovery and begins a new job next week! Hallelujah!!

This program is literally changing the trajectory of the lives of the women we serve and ultimately transforming the community we live in. It's good stuff. Just this week we have partnered with a second chance company to develop a paid, work training program. The women will be quickly self-sufficient after a couple weeks, but until then, we will help them get on their feet and stay there!

Would you prayerfully consider sowing a seed into the ministry to help us to transform more lives?


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Texas Department of Criminal Justice- (TDCJ) Galveston Hospital

UTMB TDCJ Hospital, Galveston, TX Tuesday’s 10:30a-12:30p

Celebrating Christmas with the RecoveryChicks at BAMBI.

Celebrating Christmas with the RecoveryChicks at BAMBI.

I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me. Matthew 25:36

Do you have a desire for prison ministry? Do you want to pray, lay hands on the sick and visit those in the hospital? If you said YES, RecoveryChick has the perfect opportunity for you. We have a team of volunteer chaplains who go inside the TDCJ hospital and share the love of God. We visit those in prison, who are also in the HOSPITAL! You will get an opportunity to minister at the bedside of those in ICU, encourage those in lockdown and pass out reading materials to the inmates.