Judy’s House Galveston, TX

Judy’s House Discipleship Home

We have the keys to the Judy’s House!!

Judy’s House will provide a safe place for women to recover, grow in their faith, and reach their full potential in Christ.

Our house is located at 2509 Ave. K in Galveston, Texas. We have 2 units of the fourplex which provides Christ-Centered discipleship to women who are willing and able to work a faith-based program.

Renovation’s Needed


Renovations to Women’s Living Areas:

·       KITCHEN

o   New countertops

o   New Appliances

o   Install open shelving on left wall entering the kitchen

o  New Cabinets

o   Create/Install wall table (need reclaimed wood for construction)

o   Paint walls

o   New Flooring

o  Install Bedroom Door

o  Create Closet Systems for Each Resident


o   New Carpet on stair

o   Another rail for stairs

House Manager and Serenity (Group) Room Area:

·       KITCHEN

o   Moving upper cabinets on the window wall to the other side of kitchen above the appliances. Replacing these cabinets with open shelving. To create more storage/work space.

o   Moving the refrigerator to the other end next to the window. The kitchen appliance wall will go (from the window) Frig, sink, dishwasher, stove.

o   Adding backsplash (if in budget)

o   Painting cabinets

o   Paint Kitchen

o   Replace flooring

o   Replace countertops

·       BEDROOM

o   Carpet bedroom

o   Paint bedroom

·       FRONT ROOM

o   Paint walls

o   Replace flooring

·       BATHROOM

o   Refurbish tub/shower

o   Replace counter top

o   Replace hardware

o   Add shelving near the toilet area

o   New mirror

o   New lighting

o   New flooring

o   New Paint


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Since RecoveryChick launched in late 2015 we have been relying on donations from volunteers, local churches, and prison ministries to fund the day to day operations including the donation of bibles and book studies. We are so grateful for the support and the countless number of lives that have been completely transformed because of your generosity! 

Exciting news! We have applied and been approved for our 501c3 non profit status in October 2018! Your donation is tax deductible!

Thank you.


Baby and Mothers Bonding Initiative (BAMBI)

Santa Maria Bonita House, Houston, TX

Celebrating Christmas with the RecoveryChicks at BAMBI.

Celebrating Christmas with the RecoveryChicks at BAMBI.

On average, some 250 babies are born to Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) offenders each year. Most offenders give birth at the TDCJ Hospital Galveston facility following three months of prenatal care provided by UTMB at the Carol Young medical unit in Texas City.  As offenders, these moms give birth while shackled to a hospital bed.

When accepted into BAMBI, they transfer from TDCJ to Santa Maria and are provided housing and supportive services with their newborns. The main goal of the program is to reduce recidivism and promote healthy parenting, recovery and life skills.  RecoveryChick is a provider of Celebrate Recovery and has partnered with BAMBI since 2016.  Each week we teach the new moms hope in Jesus and lead them in Spiritual based bible studies to transform their lives, their future, and their families.